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speech therapy

At SkillsBuilders Speech Therapy, we specialize in comprehensive speech assessments to identify the factors that may be contributing to the presenting speech sound disorder. By identifying the variables that contribute to the presenting problem, we are able to develop a personalized and effective treatment program. Our therapy not only addresses the individual's needs but also honors their preferences and celebrates their abilities.  At SkillBuilders, we provide speech therapy to address:

  • Speech that is difficult to understand

  • Distortion of specific speech sounds

  • Residual speech sound patterns that impact overall speech intelligibility 

  • Dysfluent speech/stuttering

  • Skills for functional and meaningful communication


Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is diagnosed using differential diagnosis to identify the presence or absence of a motor-based speech disorder and guide therapy. Speech therapy for CAS targets motor coordination to develop consistency in the correct production of sounds, sound combinations, and words. We will also address the rate, rhythm, and prosody of speech to achieve a fluid and natural-sounding speech. At SkillsBuilders we provide evidence-based treatment to:


  • Demonstrate correct movements for specific speech sounds

  • Maximize repetitions to create strong neural-muscular pathways 

  • Help the child remain consistent across productions 

  • Develop the skills for intelligible connected speech

  • Build confidence in communication

childhood apraxia of speech


language therapy

Language is defined by what we understand and how we express ourselves. During the evaluation process, we will assess both receptive and expressive language skills using standardized testing measures. Following the evaluation, we will create a treatment plan that addresses all areas of difficulty to increase language skills across the home, community, academic, and social environments. Children experiencing a language delay or disorder will benefit from therapy to address:

  • Phrase and sentence length

  • Word order and grammar

  • Vocabulary and word knowledge

  • Comprehension and listening skills

  • The ability to ask and answer questions

  • The ability to follow multi-step directions



Children with speech and language disorders are at an increased risk for developing reading difficulties. In addition to targeting preliteracy skills in our speech and language therapy, SkillBuilders also offer therapy for language-based literacy disorders. Whether a child is having difficulty learning the alphabet or has a dyslexia diagnosis, we have advanced training and education in providing intervention for literacy delays and disorders to address:

  • Pre-reading skills

  • Sound-to-letter correspondence

  • Decoding words and sight word recognition

  • Spelling and writing skills

  • Reading fluency and reading comprehension

  • Vocabulary development and word knowledge

literacy therapy
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